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Air Freight Transportation

Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD. is your one-stop place if you are searching for timely, safe, effective, dependable, and high-value Air Freight Transportation Services.

Our Air Transport Freight services are tailored to your individual needs, using our own, strategically partnered, or internal freight airline, to swiftly and effectively ship your products throughout the world.

At Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD., we offer a standalone Air Freight Transportation service or combine it with our other inland and maritime transport modes, warehousing, and customs services.

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Get the top standards of quality and compliance in temperature-controlled, Air Freight Transportation

Aussie’s Air Freight Transportation promises on-time deliveries to and from every country in the world while fully adhering to local laws in order to get your products to market promptly and dependably.

We collaborate closely with you to offer a broad and adaptable range of services that are tailored to your requirements, enable your success, and assist you in keeping your commitments.

Air Freight Transportation provides immediate collection and door-to-door delivery services to guarantee the arrival of your urgent international and domestic air cargo shipments.

We give you a choice of Air Transport Freight delivery speeds to meet your demands, work with carefully chosen freight forwarders, and operate schedules on all of the world’s key routes to help you plan with confidence.

At Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD., we provide you with the highest standards of quality and compliance in temperature-controlled Air Freight Transportation solutions.

We make use of a comprehensive network of shipping and Air Transport Freight solutions. To suit your urgent size and speed requirements, Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD. chooses the best air carrier, cutting down on time and costs overall.

Benefits of using our Air Freight Transportation solutions – Ausie Logistics Australia

Let’s discuss a few advantages of using our Air Freight Transportation solutions:

1. Speed

Air freight is the preferred option when speed is a factor. Compared to any sea or land mode of transportation, it is far faster and more dependable.

2. Worldwide Flexibility

For small or big businesses, flexibility is essential when it comes to Air Freight Transportation, and relying on land or sea freight might be risky.

3. No need for a Warehouse

Faster delivery means companies have less inventory. The speed of airfreight eliminates the need for companies to rely on local inventory for long periods of time, ensuring that airfreight arrivals and departures are not delayed.

4. Reliability

Using Air Freight Transportation gives you access to the global air transport network, which offers a variety of services and increases the dependability of any consignment.

The main service offered by us is GPS logistics, which allows consumers to always know where their items are. Besides, it also guarantees the safe and secure delivery of your shipments.

5. Cost-effective

Land and sea freight is obviously the cost-effective option, but more often than not, the size of your package will determine how much it will cost to send.

However, Air Freight Transportation offers better pricing for your cargo, making the shipments more cost-effective.

6. Consistent Solutions

One of the main benefits of air freight is its GPS tracking capabilities. When you can see when a box takes off, what flight it is on, and when it lands, it is much simpler to track shipments and stick to the estimated arrival date.

7. More secure

When it comes to tracing a parcel, Air Freight Transportation services offer fewer stops and more security than other types of shipping. Airport security is, as we all know, constantly on high alert, so your shipment will be treated with more care.

8. Lower Insurance Rates

Sea freight has the advantage of being less expensive than air freight, although on average, air freight has lower insurance costs. There is a considerably smaller chance of packages being lost or stolen because the cargo and shipments are traveling for shorter distances.

9. Environment-Friendly

When shipping by sea or by road, companies must use more packaging to prevent cargo from being damaged by drops or collisions on the road. Air Freight Transport Services can use fewer packages.

However, this is not only cost-effective but also more sustainable for the environment as additional plastic is avoided.

10. Administrative Consistency

Air Freight Transportation has an exceptionally direct regulatory side, making it simpler to get all fundamental documentation.

However, Ocean Freight is different as there are large numbers of administrative and lawful achievements to follow that can accumulate in punishments and bothers.

What is transported by Air Freight – what type of goods can be transported

Although Air Freight Transportation is an expensive means of transportation, its biggest advantage is speed. In addition, some products can only be transported by air.

1. General merchandise:

No special handling is required onboard or at the cargo terminal. These are products that are less vulnerable and worthy of exporters choosing air transportation.

2. Perishable food:

A perishable product is one that deteriorates over time due to weather conditions, vibration, humidity, etc.

3. Pharmaceuticals:

We transport pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medicines. Besides, pharmaceuticals, often require extensive temperature control.

4. Dangerous goods:

As the name suggests, these are products that can be harmful to human health and the environment, such as explosives, combustible gases, liquids or solids, or toxic substances. However, you can only transport this type of goods by air.

5. Urgent items:

The urgent items or goods that need to reach their place as soon as possible.

6. Valuables:

These are of high economic value. However, ships are a safe means of transport, but planes offer greater security. For example, jewelry, precious stones, etc.

The Final Wrap Up

Air Freight Transportation is fairly easy. Almost anything you can ship through airfreight. And in most cases, we ship goods and materials by airfreight when there is a need for international transportation or fast delivery.

Furthermore, Airfreight is the fastest shipping method available. However, if you research your purpose and what you want, you can find the best transportation for you!