Worldwide Service

Worldwide Service

Ausie Logistics Australia provides the most reliable freight forwarding services for domestic as well as international freights.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

We offer live monitoring solutions to provide smart, secure, and affordable freight forwarding services.



Ausie Logistics Australia serves as a domestic and international freight forwarding and third-party logistics company in Australia.

Our Services

Land Transportation

Land Transport

If you want to start moving your freight through land transportation, Ausie Logistics Australia is here to provide you with...

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Sea Freight

Ocean Freight

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is hauling cargo packed on vessels by sea. Good to learn is that...

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Air Freight

Ausie Logistics Australia offers speedy-moving, struggling, and constantly improving freight forwarding services. Our air freight service providers are creative and...

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Safe Ausie Logistics and Transport Solutions that save our valuable time

Ausie Logistics Australia organizes shipments for organizations and individuals bridging the gap between manufacturers and customers or a final point of distribution. Based on the type of goods to be delivered, we employ ocean shipping aka sea freights, air shipping, or road shipping. International logistics can be a formidable task to tackle alone for some businesses. But we take away all your challenges with our smart, secure, and affordable freight forwarding services.

Depending on the nature of the product, the logistics of handling freight can get complicated. Sometimes, companies may need urgent delivery for their products. And sometimes, the goods can be fragile and perishable. But no matter the situation of the products to be delivered, we handle the delivery with absolute professionalism. Moreover, Ausie Logistics Australia takes note of all these variables while designing and executing the most cost-effective and time-saving shipment plans. In addition to making the service affordable and time-efficient, we also ensure the well-being of the goods in the delivery. So when the receiver gets the goods, they will receive them in pristine condition.
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100% Secure and Safe

We have a team of experienced freight professionals standing 24/7 ready to work with you to guarantee your goods are delivered on time and in tip-top quality.

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    Our Testimonials


    1 How Long Does It Take For A Sea Freight Shipment To Become Available?

    Most people used to ask, ‘how long does sea freight take?’. It means ‘how long is? the transit time’, or how much time do we need to deliver your freight to your destination.? The transit time also depends on the departure and arrival port location of your goods. Our Sea freight can take between 10-55 days.

    2 How Much Is It Going To Cost To Move My Sea Freight Shipment?

    To move your sea freight shipment, it costs roughly $1-4 dollars per mile to move a shipping container depending on the size of the container and the miles of the movement.

    3 What Documents Do I Need For Air Freight Shipments?

    • Common Documents Needed for Air Freight
    • Shipments area
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Consular Invoice
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)
    • Bill of Lading
    • Export Packing List
    • Inspection Certification
    • Destination Control Statement