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Ausie Logistics Australia offers speedy-moving, struggling, and constantly improving freight forwarding services. Our air freight service providers are creative and adaptable as we strive to deliver the most responsible services to you. In addition, we understand that global capacity and demand may change every day or every minute. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing reliable, responsible services which uphold your supply chain’s integrity. Whether your air freight Australia flies in the belly of a commercial airplane or requires a specialist freighter airliner to move them, our team of air freights specialists will provide tailor-made solutions to figure out your business challenges. Air Freight Tracking is also possible with Ausie.

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Global or regional – when you need an air freight service, Ausie Logistics Australia, leading Australian air freight has a range of developments and an option of speeds to specifically fit your requirements. Moreover, we have a team of experienced freight professionals standing 24/7 ready to work with you to guarantee your goods are delivered on time and in tip-top quality. Are you looking for an alternative way to overcome upheaval or a speedy essence to cater to changes in need? However, Ausie Air Freight services have it all for you. Moreover, we offer a reliable alternative of services that assist you to choose the most ideal option for time-sensitive cargo. Keep your freight moving with Standard Air Freight, Air Liner, and Sea-Air Services.

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Shipping Success with Ausie Logistics Australia: Air Freight Service

We all know that in our day-to-day life, millions of packages and pieces of freight are transported across the country or from one nation to another. Besides, as the everyday needs of business and the pace of competition in the market continue increasing, you need Ausie Logistics Australia who can keep up. Moreover, the answer is Air Freight Companies. Whether you are transporting your first freight load, as a professional freight broker, Ausie can arrange superior air freight, air charter and ground accelerated freight services throughout the Australia region. Although Air Freight Services specialize in organizing airborne speed delivery services, we arrange your freight shipment through the unbroken logistics chain – from the first mile to the destination mile.


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    1 How Long Will It Take for My Shipment to Get to Its Destination?

    It can take as little as 1-3 days, and internationally more typically 5-10 days.

    2 What Payment Methods should I Choose?

    You can make payments through a debit card, or credit card or you can even use online payment methods.

    3 What Documentation Do I Need for International Freight?

    The following documents are required for international shipping:

    • Commercial and Proforma Invoices.
    • Bills of Lading.
    • Packing List.
    • Shipper’s Letter of Instructions (SLI)
    • Automated Export System (AES) Filing.
    • Certificate of Origin (CO)
    • Incoterms.
    • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

    4 Are There Any Rules and Regulations I Need to Know About Air Freight?

    If you plan to use air freight for shipping your loads, you have to examine whether or not it fulfills the particular standards of the organization you employ. But in addition to that, you also have to follow the regulations of the nation you are transporting from and the one you are transporting freight to. One of the major air freight restrictions is “Dangerous Goods”.

    5 Does International Freight Have Specific Packing Requirements?

    Pack all your products in cartons or boxes. No loose/unpacked baggage will be approved unless it’s driven by our small container service. Abstain from using bags or flimsy cartons. In addition, you must pack each box/crate properly.

    6 What are things you can't take on air freight?

    Things not allowed on air freight are:

    • Fireworks
    • Ammunition
    • Sporting ammunition
    • Firearms or explosives
    • Cylinders of compressed air
    • Oxygen or liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
    • Any type of. aerosol (eg. deodorant, hair spray, etc)
    • Cigarette/pipe lighters or cigarette lighter refills.