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Ocean freight shipping

Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD. provides a full range of Ocean Freight Shipping services including instant quotes, freight forwarders, online booking, customs clearance, cargo insurance, shipment tracking, and many other services.

We enable importers and exporters to select from a number of shipping solutions depending on their unique needs as a worldwide freight marketplace. If you need to deliver used spare parts in any part of Australia, we can help.

With Ausie’s user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, both small and large organizations can easily handle Ocean Freight Shipping works effectively and affordably.

In order to help ensure that importers and exporters comply with all essential regulations and standards for ocean freight shipments, Ausie also provides convenient communication with freight forwarders and in-platform customs booking. 

How to Ship Ocean Freight – Top Best Ocean Freight Shipping Service Providers

Ausie Logistics PTY LTD is a platform that collaborates with top freight forwarders to provide companies with a variety of Ocean Freight Shipping alternatives, including door-to-door and port-to-port deliveries.

Businesses can easily compare prices and schedule shipments with its network of verified forwarders thanks to Ausie’s cutting-edge technology and web platform. Ocean Freight Shipping is the sea transportation of goods in sea containers.

Sea freight is the most affordable mode of transport used by importers and exporters. We guarantee that importers and exporters receive the best possible service throughout the International Ocean Freight Shipping process.

Moreover, our team of professionals closely incorporates our forwarder partners. In Ocean Freight Shipping services, goods are packed in ocean containers, freight forwarders reserve slots or containers with forwarders.

After that, cargo is loaded onto the ship in the port of origin. And then it is shipped overseas to the importer or exporter in the destination port. Itineraries may be port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door, or door-to-door and may include truck pickup and/or delivery.

Whether you book FCL (Full Container Load) shipments and have an entire container to yourself, or LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments for smaller shipments, we have you covered.

If you book freight transportation services with Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD., we guarantee transparency about your shipments and flexibility with International Ocean Freight Shipping services.

Why choose Ausie Logistics over other International Ocean Freight Shipping Companies?

With Ausie Logistics PTY. LTD., you can quickly order ocean freight shipping services. Our software gives you real-time freight tracking, complete price transparency, and rapid Ocean Freight Shipping Quote along with the services.

We provide ocean freight transportation services that cover the entire transportation process of container cargo. Here are a few benefits that Ausie Logistics allows you:

1. Online search, comparison, and booking

You can instantly search through tons of International Ocean Freight Shipping Rates and receive a thorough explanation of the final cost.

2. Manage your Shipments online

Besides, you can also manage all of your ocean freight shipments online from any device to cut down on the time spent on paperwork.

3. 24/7 tracking of your ocean freight

You can keep track of all your reservations, regardless of carrier, in a single view. You will also get notifications right away if the status of your shipments changes. 

4. Get a Quick Instant Ocean Freight Shipping Quote

At Ausie, we measure efficiency in seconds. Why wait hours, days, or even weeks for an ocean freight quote when the ocean freight appraiser can provide a quote in just a few seconds?

Get a quick overview of all the possibilities on one platform, arrange them according to cost or distance, and then choose the favorable freight modes that best meet your needs.

Use our search parameters to make it easier to acquire quotations with one click and save them for future use. Call us immediately if you are in dire need of Ocean Freight Shipping needs.

International Ocean Freight Shipping Options: Get all the Freight Options in one Place

There is a customer always waiting for whatever you are shipping—or at what speed. Therefore, we will stand by your side the entire time.

Meeting the needs of discerning clients isn’t always easy, especially if your attention is constantly on your own bottom line. A constant challenge is the demand to save transportation expenses without sacrificing vital time. 

1. FCL or, Full Container Load

Utilize our negotiating power to gain access to a variety of ships, carriers, and alliances with departures from important ports around the world to meet your specific routing and transit-time requirements.

2. LCL, or less-than-container load

We organize the sharing of space inside a container when you don’t have enough cargo to fill it completely. However, we are available at most large ports and have FCL frequency, routing, and visibility with affordable, usage-based pricing.

3. Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

You might try to handle a variety of suppliers, countries, time zones, carriers, and transport options on your own. Besides, you might also have our team of ocean forwarding experts handle it for you.

Consider Ausie’s Ocean Freight Shipping services when ocean freight is simply too slow and air freight will break your budget. 

The Final Wrap Up

For many organizations, Ocean Freight Shipping is the ideal option. To decide if it’s the best shipping option for you, be sure to understand your shipping requirements.

When you need to ship a lot of items, a lot of large or bulky items, or if you want to reduce your shipping costs, Ocean Freight Shipping is the best option.

However, if you’re shipping via ocean freight, you should give yourself enough time for your items to arrive without damage.